Thursday, April 1, 2021

Appointed by Time

 As Eternalists, our task is not to believe in concepts of God. Our task is to explore concepts of God. We are engaged in a mutual agreement with the Time in which we flow. We are appointed by Time, in full control, in inner confidence, in an awareness that constantly will struggle to stare as much memory as possible even when that memory seems to fail, and to share our memories with others even as we gather their memories, true and false, as research into the concepts of God, Time/Space and ectasia.

Friday, March 26, 2021

How deep is your real self buried within your mind?

 And why?

There are some good reasons, and I'm not just talking about scaring the horses. And who has a horse anymore?

Memory is disconnected from our past lives because of the amount of Time it takes to travel from one body to another. Rebirth is an inevitability of Eternity, but rebirth as a cognitive intelligence as humans takes the time of the process, billions and billions of years, perhaps. The only possible solution to the memory problem might be to find a way for the consciousness of memory to travel at the speed of light. 

Another method would be what I call the 'Akashic Records', a Hindu term that I interpret as the Book of Life,  I propose it be a technological way of discerning the past by way of the knowledge of the present.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Planned Breeding - the Importance of the Most Avoided of Topics


The task I've set out for myself, the establishment of Eternalism as a social and religious alternative to the dominant dogmatic religions, will most probably not happen within one lifetime. Few in the world today will live to see it. Including myself, of course. Our Earth is on a perilous path. Can it spare a hundred years to regain balance with the natural world?

Are the steps we've been told we ought to take really the right ones?

One thing is true with the path we are on; the more people, the more perilous the future of human habitation becomes.

Can mutation be artificially created and sustained within future generations? I happen to think its possible and well as desirable. For a progressive human-based world however, we might require a period of controlled breeding within the world populace. More diverse racial and cultural mixing would be better, and nationalist concepts would gradually be eradicated.

How Racism Creates Overpopulation.

When you read that heading, what do you think? 

Friday, March 12, 2021

In Matters Of Honor

Why is honor so important to us?

If it is vital, can we take it into the next life?

Do you think I might have the answers to all the questions I pose?

Have you ever had a dream in which you were a detective?

Nature Versus Programming; Which gives us the most trouble?

Who is in charge, and why?

How have we gotten this way?

Is it because we crave the admiration of others or is it more?

Could the entire human race be addicted to touch?

And if that's true, why did Andy Warhol hate to be touched?

Will we ever be smart enough to know where we're going?

How can you mend a broken heart?

How can a loser ever win?

When it comes to honor, what is worth honoring in this world?

What do you think of the saying; "After death comes soup."?

Is music the universal language or is language the universal language?

Is it right that I, the founder of a new religion, ought to have more questions than answers?

Why do I take pretty young faces and distort them?

They chase the illusive 'unified theory, but can there really be an end to Knowledge?

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Press Bio - Dennis C. Lee


Born 02/02/1951

  "I came out of the soup of life to be born."

           Grew up in Western Pennsylvania. As far back as I can remember, I was very interested in metaphysics and art. I'm not sure at what point I made the decision to be an artist, but when I did I began studying the lifestyles that are often associated with creative people. 

          Then I became one, and lived among them ever since.

          I became very good at quite a few artistic disciplines, including writing songs and performing them, writing I was editor of several of my own publications, some are included in the archive Titled 'SF Arts of the 80's' an exhibit hey held in 2018 at San Francisco Public Library.

          As a visual artist, several of my rock posters have been in art books, including STREET ART by Peter Belsito and the coffee-table sized book The ART of ROCK by Abbeville Press.

          My first San Francisco band The LIVING DAYLIGHTS pressed a 45 record that is now a collectors item, especially in Japan. From that, I was asked to feature some of my art for the documentary AMERICAN ARTIFACT, in which I was credited with starting an entire genre called DADA-POP, which was also the name of my record company.

           So what does all this have to do with Eternalism, right?

           The thing is, all this varied art I did had me confused for a long time. Was I a musician or was I a writer? Was I a poster artist or was I a songwriter? And beyond all that, my personal philosophy was developing. Through trial, error and challenge I had an enthralling feeling whenever I thought about Time never ending. Looking up at the stars on a clear night is the most spiritual experiences we can have in life. The feeling is both exhilarating and humbling.

           Modern Eternalism came from me as a response to a world of humans who often seem to want to drive our species to extinction. Dogmatic organized religion is a money grubbing, malignant enterprise.

           I enjoy talking about Eternalism more than I do writing about it, because the feedback inspires me to guide individuals who have questions toward the reverential experience of 'feeling' the eternal Time/Space, and towards a more brilliant Eternalist mindset and lifestyle.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Putting the SALVE back in SALVATION.

 William S. Burroughs famously wrote "Language is a virus from outer space," and for YEARS I had no idea what that meant. But if we define language as the intelligence which allows our minds to represent things by symbols, then we might ask ourselves where the symbol ends and the 'real' begins. We could say 'When I touch it, or when I see it,' but is the 'felt' and the 'seen' just a matter of neuron interpretations, an imbedded language in the brain? As for 'outer space' we could reference the mysterious 'dark matter' as the line where we differentiate outer space from inner space. I hope this doesn't drive anyone insane.

We can excuse the myth-based religions for enlisting the power of our imaginations for a type of 'salvation'. I've always asked 'salvation from what?' Well, from insanity, the most prevalent and diverse of maladies. Growing up, I noticed that everyone is broken in one way or another. Everyone is peculiar in ways that are alien to others. Eternalism is not a cure, but it can equal the others as a 'salve' (as in salvation) by embracing the deeper meanings of Time, especially its never-ending quality. All things must pass. Time demands it.

Time Eternal has another saying, not often recognized; 'All things must pass, and all things return.'

Thursday, November 26, 2020

When One Universe Closes, Another Opens

  Who is to say what Nature desires?

How many women suffer from nymphomania? How many don't suffer at all from it? The universe has not provided a sufficient answer, so we must investigate on our own. 

"Nymphomania can happen to any adult, though it is thought that it may be more common in women and homosexual men. Technically, the term “nymphomaniac” refers to a woman, though that definition has expanded to include anyone who engages in risky compulsive sexual behavior. In addition to compulsive sexual behavior, nymphomania may include problems thinking, unwanted repetitive thoughts (obsession), and feelings of guilt, shame or inadequacy.

The underlying cause of nymphomania is not known. Nymphomania is a mental and emotional condition, and, like other such conditions, is complicated. Like other mental illnesses, nymphomania may arise as a result of environment, heredity, and life events. It may also be linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain." 


Some subjects disturb us. We turn away. When confronted we quickly organize a response that we hope will end the discussion. Perhaps it does end the discussion, but it does not end the subject.